- MagnExpress® Forte food supplement granulate in lemon taste

MagnExpress® Forte food supplement granulate in lemon taste

The MagnExpress® Forte product – distributed by the Hungarian-owned company, VitaPlus Ltd. – won the renowned prize “Best New Product Award” on the Vitafoods™ Europe Exhibition in Geneva. The Vitafoods™ Europe food supplement exhibition takes place every year. It is the world’s largest and most recognized venue in the nutraceutical business. The exhibitors come from all over the world competing with innovative services, products and ingredients in the nutraceutical sector.

The MagnExpress® Forte is a water clear soluble drinking granule with high dosage of magnesium. It was selected by an international jury as the Best New Product in 2013. This is a milestone success since it is the first time that a product of a Hungarian company was recognized. By winning this noble award, VitaPlus Ltd further contributed to Hungary's reputation in international professional forums.

For the maintenance of normal muscle function.

Magnesium plays an essential role in normal muscle function, so this is highly responsible for the heart muscles health. In addition it directly contributes to the balanced function of the nervous system.

Since the magnesium is integral involved in the cellular metabolism, it is a directly supporter of the mental and physical conditions as well.

Magnesium contributes:

  • nerve and muscle function
  • protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • function of cardiovascular system
  • bone structure

Thanks to the high content of magnesium and to the water clear solution MagnExpress® Forte provides effective and tasty solution for magnesium supplement. Even one dosage covers 100% the average magnesium requirement of an adult.

Vitamin B6 promotes the absorption of magnesium.


This product is also available as capsule and effervescent tablet


Active ingredient:

magnesium carbonate, vitamin B6


20 sachets per box

Best before:

see on box


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