- InnoPharm Lactase enzyme tablet

InnoPharm Lactase enzyme tablet

Special foods for medical purpose




The tablets contain 4 500 FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) units each.

The lactase enzyme helps in digestion of lactose those who have lactose digestive difficulty.


Dosage: The recommended daily dosage for adults is 1-5 tablets per meal, according to the intake milk sugar quantity. The enzyme quantity in one tablet can demolish 10g milk sugar, which correspond 2 dl of cow milk. The tablets must be intake before meal. Please do not overdose the recommended daily intake (15 tablets).


Please note! This product is recommended for those who suffer from lactose digestive difficulty. The enzyme should be consumed for each meal. The lactose intolerance may change, so please ask for advice from experts.




active ingredients

in 1 tablet



lactase enzyme

4500 FCCU







Active ingredients:

lactase enzyme


60 pcs in blister

Best before:

see on box


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