- InnoPharm Ginkgo Biloba capsule

InnoPharm Ginkgo Biloba capsule

Food supplement for the fresh memory and the proper brain capacity




The active ingredients of the ancient ginkgo biloba’s extract have vasodilator effect, which stimulates blood circulation in the whole body. They improve the brain’s blood supply, the oxygen supply, preventing the resulting problems such as heart attack, chronic headache, migraine and thrombosis. They prevent the presence of free radicals in the body, thus providing effective protection against cancer and premature aging.


Ginkgo biloba’s positive effects:

  • for arteriosclerosis
  • it supports blood circulation after organ transplantation
  • preventive treatment of bowel and stomach problems
  • in case of cardiovascular problems
  • in case of dizziness
  • in case of respiratory problems



active ingredients content

in 1 capsule

ginkgo biloba

40 mg




Active ingredients:

ginkgo biloba extract


32 pcs in a box

Best before:

see on package


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