- CalciumExpress 500 mg drinking granulate in orange taste

CalciumExpress 500 mg drinking granulate in orange taste

Water clear soluble calcium for healthy bones



For the development of the optimal bone mass it is essential the intake of right quantity of calcium from young age, furthermore during pregnancy and women over 45 it is highly recommended to compensate the decreased quantity of calcium. This is the keystone of osteoporosis prevention.

Calcium can be an important additional treatment to relief of allergic symptoms.

Calcium supports

·         maintenance of bones and teeth health

·         normal muscle function

·         energy production on the body

·         normal function of digestive enzymes


Thanks to the organic-bound calcium, the water clear solution CalciumExpress drinking granulates in orange taste provides effective and fast solution for calcium supplement. One sachet contains 700 mg of calcium lactate gluconate, and 1000 mg of calcium carbonate, which results 500 mg of calcium.


·         it dissolves fast and water clear

·         with organic-bound calcium

·         fitting to the daily needs it is packed per dosages, so it is comfortable to take away for excursions, to the work and for travel



Active ingredients:

calcium lactate gluconate, 

calcium carbonate


30 sachets per box

Best before:

see on box


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