- 1x1 Ruta-C + Bioflavonoids coated tablets

1x1 Ruta-C + Bioflavonoids coated tablets

For the maintenance of the elasticity of vascular




Rutin (vitamin P) is a bioflavonoid, which accompanies vitamin C, therefore they are found in the same foods. Rutin supports the better absorption of vitamin C, preserves it from oxidation, and it plays an important role in protection of capillary.

Rutin is important

·         in antioxidant processes, as a protective factor

·         in inhibition of aging processes

·         in strength of capillary

·         in reduction of the symptoms of bleeding



In the body there are about 2-3 grams of zinc, mostly in the hair, eyes and in male genitalia. Beside of these there are also stored in the liver, kidney, muscles and skin. However the most important role of zinc is that it participates in glycemic control as the component of insulin. Besides of insulin it is presented in about 70 enzymes.

Zinc contributes the normal function of immunity system, the normal cell division and fatty acid metabolism, the appropriate vision and the maintenance of bones health.

Zinc is important in

·         insulin production

·         carbohydrates, protein, fat, nucleic acid metabolism

·         growth

·         sexual development

·         reproduction



Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supports proper function of the immunity system, provides protection against free radicals, preserves vitality and health, maintain physical and mental balance and establish well-being.


Vitamin C contributes in:

  • retardation of harmful oxidative processes
  • the normal function of the immunity system
  • synthesis of collagen proteins and hormones
  • absorption on iron and copper



active ingredient content

in 1 tablet


vitamin C

100 mg



5 mg



20 mg



5 mg


*RDA = recommended daily allowance




Active ingredients:

vitamin C, rutin, zinc, bioflavonoid


30 pcs in a blister

Best before:

see on box


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