- 1x1 Iron + Folic acid and Vitamin C coated tablets

1x1 Iron + Folic acid and Vitamin C coated tablets

For the normal hematopoiesis



The most important role of iron is the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In an adult body there are 2,5-5 grams of iron, the bigger part of them is bound to the hemoglobin, the oxygen-transporter molecule, the lower part is bound to different transport proteins.

For the absorption of iron it is indispensable the presence of vitamin C.

Iron contributes the normal creation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the appropriate oxygen transport, the energy production in the body, as well as the normal function of the immunity system and cognitive functions.

Iron contributes

·         oxygen and carbon dioxide transportation

  • electron transport
  • hemoglobin synthesis
  • myoglobin synthesis
  • function of enzymes
  • formation of transport and storage proteins


Folic acid is a water soluble vitamin. It’s presence in the body is very important, mostly at expectant mother, because in the early stages of pregnancy the developing embryos backbone (neural tube) terminated process takes place flawlessly only in the presence of folic acid. The supplementation of folic acid, therefore, is highly recommended for pregnant women.

Folic acid contributes reducing fatigue and exhaustion, the normal cell division.

Folic acid contributes

·         leukocytes synthesis

·         erythrocyte synthesis

  • thrombocyte synthesis
  • amino acid metabolism
  • nucleic acid metabolism
  • gastrointestinal integrity
  • oral mucosal integrity


vitamin and mineral content

in 1 tablet


vitamin C

60 mg



8 mg


folic acid

200 µg


*RDA = recommended daily allowance



Active ingredients:

iron, folic acid, vitamin C


30 pcs in a blister

Best before:

see on box


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