- 1x1 Ca-Plus effervescent tablets

1x1 Ca-Plus effervescent tablets

Food supplement effervescent tablets with calcium and vitamin C in lemon taste




For the development of the optimal bone mass it is essential the intake of right quantity of calcium from young age, furthermore during pregnancy and women over 45 it is highly recommended to compensate the decreased quantity of calcium. This is the keystone of osteoporosis prevention.

Calcium can be an important additional treatment to relief of allergic symptoms.

Calcium contributes:

  • building bones and teeth
  • the healthy function of nervous system
  • muscle contraction
  • function of enzymes
  • haemostasis


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supports proper function of the immunity system, provides protection against free radicals, preserves vitality and health, maintain physical and mental balance and establish well-being.

Vitamin C contributes in:

  • retardation of harmful oxidative processes
  • the normal function of the immunity system
  • synthesis of collagen proteins and hormones
  • absorption on iron and copper


vitamin and mineral content

in 1 tablet



300 mg


vitamin C

60 mg


*RDA = recommended daily allowance



Active ingredients:

calcium, vitamin C


20 pcs in tube

Best before:

see on package


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